Tuesday, July 23, 2013

and then there were 5

Since Deacon was little, we have [quote.unquote] prevented more kiddos.

We knew that we were in the midst of a life change when he was a tot and weren't really sure what the future might look like for us. We had kinda always said four was our number, so the idea was also around, but never a high priority. Last fall, it was time to have my IUD out because the time limit for it was drawing near.

We decided that we would just let it be. If God chose to give us more . . . great! 
If not, we love the ones we have and they're pretty freaking great.

But apparently, God wasn't done with us. And He obviously has a sense of humor.

And no, you're not seeing things.

There's two.

Here we go again.


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